About Us

Welcome to the Harvard Student Agencies Alumni website! With the support of HSA and the Board of Directors, we (a group of recent alumni) have established this organization as an effort to start building the foundation for a community of HSA and Let's Go alumni. The mission of the HSAA will be to:

  1. Foster connections and relationships among alumni of HSA and Let's Go, across all agencies and generations.
  2. Facilitate opportunities for HSA/LG alumni to stay in touch with and support current undergraduates.
  3. Support the HSA Board of Directors by providing organized access to the alumni community for various efforts.

The alumni association is meant to be the primary means by which alumni stay connected with fellow alumni (or re-kindle old connections), learn about local alumni events, keep up to speed on what's happening with HSA/LG today, and take advantage of opportunities to interact with current undergraduates. Join simply by registering via the link in the upper right. Welcome aboard!

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