In 2011, the organizers of the HSAA drafted a "constitution" for the nascent organization. In preparation for this task, they consulted with the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA), other Harvard alumni groups, the HSA Board of Directors, and HSA leadership itself for inspiration and best practices. After review by HAA and legal counsel, the finished product was approved by the inaugural Graduate Board and ratified by the whole of the HSAA on April 20, 2013.

The resulting Harvard Student Agencies Alumni Articles of Organization and Bylaws, downloadable at the bottom of this page, set forth the HSAA's goals, functions, and governance. Above all, it is the official binding rulebook for all actions of the HSAA and Graduate Board.

We are proud of this document and confident that it reflects our needs and priorities as an organization while remaining conscious of practical considerations and leaving a maximum of flexibility for HSAA to expand. We hope that you will peruse these Articles of Organization and Bylaws and enjoy, as we have, thinking about the possibilities that they open the door to. If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to email

Click here to download the HSAA Articles of Organization and Bylaws

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